8th Grade

8th Grade finished the year with creating coities and towns in Goggle Sketchup











8th Grade Video Projects

"The Places we will go!"

We used GIMP to create transparencies of ourselves or characters. These were overlaid over places we which to visit! Students created clues to their destinations and these were typed into Photostory 3. The original picture was added with the answer after the riddle. This project was modeled after the "Where's Waldo" books! Here are a few samples below. Your child will bring their completed movie home on their flash drive.


where's outlaw.wmv

Where is Daffy Duck now.wmv

Where in the world project_1.wmv





Please click the link below to see the 8th grade visions of "What Makes the World go Around!" The video's are delightful and varied. Some are reflective pieces celebrating family and friends. Some students choose to highlight sports as an important interest they share, some created Public Service Announcments to promote health, and still others created informational documentary style pieces.







Leah http://maculspace.ning.com/video/leahs-movie-friendship

Marissa http://maculspace.ning.com/video/marissas-official-movie

Paul http://maculspace.ning.com/video/pauls-vsiion

Alyssa D. http://maculspace.ning.com/video/smokers-1 

Edward http://maculspace.ning.com/video/da-gerks-music20001-1

Alyssa L http://maculspace.ning.com/video/alyssas-final-video


Nathan W. http://maculspace.ning.com/video/nates-elder 

Nick http://maculspace.ning.com/video/t-enviroment-2

Michael  http://maculspace.ning.com/video/finished-1

Ross http://maculspace.ning.com/video/shaun-white

Jacob http://maculspace.ning.com/video/video-project-steelers

Trevor http://maculspace.ning.com/video/the-life-of-stars


Zach http://maculspace.ning.com/video/my-sport-video

Ashley B http://maculspace.ning.com/video/pamala-kay-bolek

Jeremy  http://maculspace.ning.com/video/jeremy-d-historical-final

David http://maculspace.ning.com/video/gators-title-run

Bryce http://maculspace.ning.com/video/lebron-james

Jessie http://maculspace.ning.com/video/beauty-movie

Negan http://maculspace.ning.com/video/megans-video



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